Together we will move forward. Together we will make our lives more FUN again

To all our dear friends,


We write to you to inform you that we at FINI GOLOSINAS continue to provide service to all the countries where we are present. Despite the circumstances that are occurring due to the COVID 19 virus, we maintain our processes, as well as all our services and supplies.



We can inform you that in order to protect all our workers, a series of measures have been taken and are being applied already. Teleworking has been implemented in all those positions that allow it to do so and extraordinary measures have been applied to all of our production staff. We have taken extreme precautions, activated special protocols, reinforced hygiene and cleaning measures and propelled special actions in order to keep on complying with the excellent service and quality related to our brand and products. 


In these circumstances, and in accordance with the anomalous and extraordinary situation, in FINI GOLOSINAS we are adapting these exceptional measures in order to deal with the current developments. Thanks you for your trust and we would like to reiterate our commitment to you and our products.


Together we will move forwards. Together we will make our lives more FUN again.


Extract from FINI LINKEDIN